Complaint Process for Staff

At AceStack, we are committed to maintaining a fair and transparent work environment. We understand that conflicts or concerns may arise from time to time, and we encourage our staff members to address such issues promptly and through appropriate channels. This Complaint Process provides a clear and structured approach for staff to raise and resolve complaints in a confidential and respectful manner.

Informal Resolution

  • Staff members are encouraged to first attempt to resolve their concerns informally by discussing the issue with their immediate supervisor or manager.
  • This initial step allows for open communication and may help to address the complaint in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Formal Complaint

  • If an issue remains unresolved or the staff member is uncomfortable discussing the matter with their immediate supervisor, they may proceed to file a formal complaint.
  • A formal complaint should be submitted in writing to the Human Resources department or another designated individual or committee responsible for handling employee complaints.
  • The written complaint should include a detailed description of the issue, the individuals involved, any supporting evidence, and any previous attempts at resolution.


  • Upon receiving a formal complaint, the designated individual or committee will initiate a thorough and impartial investigation.
  • The investigation may involve gathering relevant information, interviewing involved parties and witnesses, and reviewing any supporting documentation.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible during the investigation process.


  • After completing the investigation, the designated individual or committee will provide a resolution to the complaint.
  • The resolution may involve corrective action, mediation, counseling, training, or other appropriate measures based on the nature of the complaint and the findings of the investigation.
  • The staff member who filed the complaint will be informed of the outcome and any actions taken to address the issue.

Appeal Process

  • If the staff member is not satisfied with the resolution or believes that the complaint was not adequately addressed, they may have the right to appeal.
  • The appeal process, including the designated individual or committee responsible for handling appeals, will be clearly communicated to the staff member during the resolution phase.
  • The appeal process will involve a review of the complaint, investigation, and resolution by an impartial party or committee not involved in the initial investigation.


  • AceStack prohibits retaliation against any staff member who reports a complaint in good faith or participates in the complaint resolution process.
  • Any act of retaliation will be treated as a separate violation and may result in disciplinary action.
  • We encourage staff members to familiarize themselves with this Complaint Process and utilize it when necessary. Open and honest communication is essential to maintaining a positive and respectful work environment. AceStack is dedicated to addressing complaints promptly and ensuring that all staff members are treated fairly and with dignity.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the complaint process, please contact the Human Resources department or the designated individual responsible for handling employee complaints.